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Santa spreads cheer among children at schools

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Jamshedpur: Even though there is less than a week time for the Christmas Day but the schools in the city celebrated to mark birth of Lord Christ and welcome Santa Claus on the last day of the working day before winter vacation.

St Mary�s School celebrated the occasion with much pomp and fanfare. Christmas carols and jingles spread around the campus as students presented a number of skits.

The stage was decorated with a Christmas Tree and stars and balloons of different hues. Silver and gold streamers hung everywhere. Christmas carols and songs were heard all over the school this morning. The passage on Christmas was read out by the Principal accompanied by carols sung by the members of the Glee Club.

The school campus wore a festive look decorated with Christmas trees, bells, stars and snowman. Students decorated trees with balloons, cherries and bells. Song and dance performances on �Jesus born today�, �Bells are ringing� and �We wish you merry Christmas� showcased the spirit of the festival. Christmas carols were also sung by students. A hut was also made depicting the scene of Jesus Christ�s birth.

A Santa Claus distributed gifts and candies among children. The best part of the celebrations was that the school children also distributed items of daily use among the needy children. From soaps from pen and pencils a lot of gifts were distributed among the students.

�We have been celebrating for the event from years. It is not just about partying, but about bringing happiness to the lives of those around you, which is the spirit of the festival,� said a teacher of Scared Heart Convent School.
�The festival is no longer restricted to any single religion.

I believe it is about celebrating and that is what all people are doing. It marks the beginning of celebration that will continue through New Year. Before the winter vacation, celebrating Christmas was great fun,� said Niharika Sinha, a student.

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