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Sanjeev K Choudhary elected 12th president of 100 year old Tata Workers Union


Jamshedpur, Feb 1:  Committee member from lime plant unit of Tata Steel, Sanjeev K Choudhary alias Tunnu Choudhary on Sunday became the 12th president of century old Tata Workers Union (TWU).

In the election for the TWU, Tunnu Choudhary defeated committee member from coke plant and erstwhile deputy president, Arvind Pandey with a massive margin of 128 votes as Arvind Pandey managed to get only 48 votes in his favour.

In the post of deputy president, Shailesh Singh (123 votes) and Satish Kumar Singh (155 votes) as general secretary were re-elected.

From the last executive committee, barring president out of the 10 members five managed to retain their posts while five others had to taste defeat.

Those who won in the executive committee included, erstwhile general secretary and a committee member from New Bar Mill, Satish Kumar Singh got 155 votes to retain his post. Significantly, Satish Kumar Singh was elected committee member unopposed.

A committee member from Tata Main Hospital and erstwhile deputy president, Shatrughan Rai (108 votes) managed to  win along with committee member from LD-2 and erstwhile vice-president Shahnawaj Alam (82 votes), erstwhile vice-president Hari  Shankar Singh a committee member from  CRM won with 167 votes in his favour and was elected treasurer. His win was notable as it was the largest margin of victory.

While erstwhile vice-president Bhagwan Singh, assistant secretary Dharmendra Upadhyay, Kamlesh Singh and treasurer Prabhat Lal failed to retain their posts.  In fact, Prabhat Lal even lost election from his own constituency.

Significantly, in the election five new faces returned triumphant which included Shailesh Singh (123 votes) for the post of deputy president, Sanjay Kumar Singh from pillet plant (75 votes), Sanjeev Tiwary (67 votes) from the new series grade committee member and employee in A to F blast furnace, Ajay Choudhary who was elected unopposed from CRM Bara plant and was elected as assistant secretary and managed to get 86 votes, the highest so far. Similarly, apart from Nitesh Raj committee member from Tubes Division, Saroj Singh (48 votes) also managed to retain  their seat.                                 

Candidates name                                                                        Vote received

President- Sanjeev Choudhary                                                                  171

Deputy president- Shailesh Singh                                                                            

General secretary- Satish Kumar Singh                                                   155

Vice-president- Shatrughan Roy                                                                108

Vice-president Shahnawaz Alam                                                              82

Vice-president  Sanjay Singh                                                                   75

Vice-president Sanjeev  Tiwary                                                                 65

Assistant secretary Ajay Choudhary                                                             86

Assistant secretary – Saroj Singh                                                               48

Assistant secretary- Nitesh Raj                                                                 44

Treasurer- Harishankar Singh                                                                  167

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