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Sangeeta Shukla: Promising name in Numerology

By Lalit Garg

Astrology is a broad subject and has many branches, numerology is one of it. Numerology means number astrology and the world of numbers is a magical world which has the amazing power to tell you about your qualities, your predictions and personality. The famous name in numerology is Count Louis, which most people know as ‘Cheiro’.Many  of Cheiri’s prophecies have come true and books written by him still sell a lot. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Cheiro has made numerology famous. Now a days and name is becoming popular in the world Numerology and that is Mrs. Sangeeta Shukla. She is a renowned writer, philanthropist, thinker and linguist Smt. Shukla has made many important announcements through numerology in a short time, which has proved to be true.

She has been a columnist in several newspapers and magazines, apart from national dailies like Nayi Duniya, Jansatta and Navbharat Times, she wrote the book ‘Prernamurti Narendra Modi’ on Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was published in Gujarati, Hindi and English language. Narendra Modi’s book ‘Jyotipunj’ was also translated from Gujarati to Hindi by her. She is actively associated with many organizations and a promising name in Numerology. Numerology is a mission for her.

Referring to the year 2021, how it will be, Sangeeta Shukla says that the year 2020 has gone and 2021 has arrived. According to Numerology, the year 2020 = number 4 which was of ‘Rahu’ was very troublesome, but be happy because the year 2021 = 5 i.e. Mercury’s number. One who keeps the balance of all and is in harmony with all. This is a number that has no enemy number. Therefore, this year will definitely bring some good in life for all the natives.

After a long study and research, Mrs. Shukla shared her experiences and said that numerology is an important discipline through which numerology attempts to know the subject and future of a person. In numerology, the use of the laws of mathematics is practiced through the numerals to present a detailed description of various aspects of man, his ideology, subjects of life, etc. In numerology, the nine planets are calculated on the basis of their characteristics. Just as the influence of planets in the horoscope works, similarly the role of numerals in numerology is very important. Each number is associated with some other planet, such as the number 1 represents the Sun, the number 2 represents the Moon and the number 3 represents Jupiter. Numerology covers numbers from 1 to 9, zero (0) is not included in it.

Mrs. Shukla tells which planet has which effect on which points and these nine planets have their influence on human life. According to the position of the planets at birth, the personality of that person is determined. Therefore, the same number has the highest effect on the person after birth, who is the master of the person. If one person’s digit is matching with another’s digit then a good relationship is formed between the two persons.

Smt. Shukla says that according to numerology, there are mainly three types of numerals in our life –Birth number, Destiny number andName number. The birth number  of any person comes by adding their date of birth.Birth and Destiny number are constant, it is not possible to change them because the person’s date of birth cannot be changed in any way. Names can be changed. In numerology every letter has a number such as A = 1, B = 2 etc. In numerology, by changing the spelling of the name, the name can be made lucky according to birth and Destiny number. With the help of numerology good luck can be attracted towards you.

If we try to know the history of numerology, we will find that according to Mrs. Shukla, its history must have been more than 10,000 years ago, their roots started to flourish in Egypt, Babylon and Greece and gained prominence through the works of Pythagoras.No day passes without digits. The great mathematics of Egypt, Pythagoras, endorsed the fact about the importance of numbers that the number rules the Universe.

If seen, whole life is a game of numbers, but through numerology your fate can be accurately assessed. Numerology can also be called science of numbers. Every person has some birth number according to his date of birth. Where that number can gain and where it can harm in his life and at what time the number owner can give you where and what benefit, all these are calculated in numerology in a very scientific way.

According to Sangeeta Shukla, in numerology the name of the person is written by writing the letters of the name of the person in English and the number of the name is obtained and the number of the birth, date, month and year is obtained and destiny number is predicted. There is no need to make difficult calculations like astrology; in numerology, even if there is no information about the time of birth, the person’s occupation, friends, partners, the ups and downs of his life and important life of his life only on the basis of birth date and name.

Spelling of the name is not considered in astrology, but it is also recognized in numerology which is the master stroke of this scripture, because even if your star is right, still you do not get success then it means that there is something wrong with the spelling of the name. You must have seen that in the spelling of the names of many films, one or two letters, A, B, C …… or anything, write twice to increase its value. This causes the value balance of that name to be successful.

Another example of the name spelling is why Tata’s ‘Nano’ car has become a flop product in the market. This car was a little, economic and everything was good in it, the prices were low, even ordinary people could buy it, but there was a mess in the spelling of its name, due to which it was a flop in market and could not run much and Maruti’s’ Alto ‘The car which was spelling perfect for the name, despite being ordinary, did a lot of magic in car industry. Hence the name of the product also matters a lot in business.

Not only this, if the addition of the mobile number also comes on the wrong number, that is, on the enemy number, then it also hinders success. These are all simple things, but if you know about them, then by taking small measures, you can avoid your loss and get success in life. For success in life, it is very important to balance our planets and we can do it with simple measures of neurology and touch the pinnacles of success. And for this we have a renowned name is numerology that is Mrs. Sangeeta Shukla.

(Lalit Garg is a Journalist, columnist, writer and member of Rajbhasa samiti, Ministry of Home Affairs. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at


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