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Saastha Preethi celebrations : Ved Pandits chant Durga Sapta Sathi

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Jamshedpur, Jan. 27: On the second day of 69th Saastha Preethi celebrations, 13 chapters of Durga Shapta Sathi was chanted for 80 times by 20 Ved Pandits at the Dharma Saastha Temple this morning.

In the evening, after performing Maha Deeparadhana, Llitha Sahasranama Archana, Lalita Trishathi, Chaturveda Parayan, Rudra Kramarchana was performed and Bhagavati Seva was also held while chanting of Durga Shapta Sadhi by 2 Ved Pandits.

Bhagavati Seva is considered to be one of the most auspicious and significant pujas in the puranas and this is undertaken to please Goddess Durga and also Goddess Lakshmi.

Elaborate arrangement of Rangoli is done on which celestial lamps are kept and the puja is performed for the lamps by offering huge amount of flowers. The entire Bhagavati seva takes more than 3 hours to perform.

At the conclusion of Puja and archana in the afternoon, prasad was distributed to hundreds of devotees who thronged the temple today.

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