Thursday, December 7, 2023

Rural Development minister draws development action plan

Ranchi : After taking charge of his department, rural development minister Neelkhant Munda, spoke to the media persons in his office about his future action plan of his department.

The minister said that the first project that his department will take is to make 1500 KM new roads in the village and interior areas of the state. He will also see to it that job opportunities in the rural areas are generated through his department.

In days to come,the roads will be made in the areas where naxal extremism is prevalent .With construction of the roads, there will be a scope of development in the area.

Munda made it clear that instead of transferring and relocating the non-performing officers, he will promote the officers who will be doing their duties honestly and punish the officers charged with slackness in their duties.

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