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Rs 55 lakh crore lost in Congress coal heist: Amit Shah

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Ranchi, Dec 4: BJP President Amit Shah while addressing a rally in support of party candidate from Ichagarh, Sadhucharan Mahato said that a thief also doesn�t steal coal but congress party rob coal worth Rs 55 lakh crore from Jharkhand.

In the last ten years of congress rule they have been involved in 2G spectrum, Coal, Helicopter, Commonwealth Games and several others cases of corruption.

Shah futher said that first Congress made Koda government to loot the mines then made Shibu Soren to loot Coal and now congress supported Hemant Soren Government has robbed the sand of Jharkhand.

Party National President on Thursday said political instability of Jharkhand in the past 14 years was like a “bad dream” and blamed the Congress for triggering fall of governments. “It was a bad dream for Jharkhand from 2000 to 2014.

There have been nine governments, besides imposition of President’s rule three times, leaving the state with no stable government. Arjun Munda was CM three times, but the Congress conspired in pulling down his governments,” Shah said.

He also appealed to the people of Jharkhand to vote for good governance, adding that a stable government and a strong leadership is very important for the development of the state.

Shah also said that Sonia Gandhi is demanding account of PM Narendra Modi�s six months in office, first Sonia ji should give the people of the country account of 60 years in power. When in 2019 BJP will appeal the people for vote then the party will give account of the five years in power.

“So, usher in a new dawn for Jharkhand with a stable government,” Shah called upon the people.

Referring to the new coal policy of the Centre that would give the state Rs 2.5 lakh crore as royalty, Shah said, “If you hand over this money to the father and son (Soren and Chief Minister Hemant Soren) they will loot.

So throw them out (of power), and give the BJP chance to develop the state.” “You should go and visit Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Goa and Rajasthan. People there get power supply, health and education facilities round the clock,” he added.

He further said that Congress lost wherever Rahul Baba went, he came to Jharkhand and here also his party will lose while BJP will form government with two-third majority. Shah appealed the people to vote for BJP and help win Sadhucharan Mahato by a huge margin.

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