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Rs 22 lakh looted from private finance firm staff in broad daylight in Bistupur

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Jamshedpur, Nov. 4: In a shocking incident,�two bike-borne unidentified criminals looted Rs. 22 lakh cash from a staff of a private cash management company located on Bistupur Main Road near the traffic light signal.

The incident took place when the staff, Vijay Shankar (23), was carrying the cash in a bag to deposit in the HDFC Bank’s Ram Mandir branch at about�11.45 a.m. today. According to Shankar, man came from behind and snatched the bag and fled on a bike.��

The police have taken Vijay and another staff Raj Kamal (20), both employed by the cash management company, Writer Safeguard Pvt Ltd, into custody for interrogation.� Currently, the police are scanning the CCTV footage at the CCTV monitoring cell at Crime Control Room (CCR) in Sakchi for details at the time of the incident.

DSP (CCR) J Kerketta said that the loot of Rs 21 lakh took place at Bistupur and they are investigating the incident.

“As per the CCTV footage, we see a youth with his face covered snatching bag from the handle of the mortorbike that Shankar was riding.

He miscreant then fled the spot riding on the pillion of another bike waiting nearby.� But we are trying to find out whether the staff was hand-in-glove with the criminals,” said Kerketta.�

The police have picked up both Vijay and his colleague Kamal.� It was Kamal, who had informed the Bistupur police soon after the incident took place.�

Writer Safeguard, which has its local office in Baradwari, is involved in loading cash in the ATMs after withdrawing the cash from the bank concerned and also provides a service like collecting cash from customers like automobile shops, electronic shops, to bank and from bank to the customers.��

“We are in state of shock as everything happened all of a sudden. Vijay had collected cash from four customers amounting to Rs. 21 lakh and going to get it deposited in the HDFC Bank’s Ram Mandir branch,” said Kamal.�

According to Kamal, he was loading cash in an ATM machine of the Federal Bank’s Bistupur branch on the Bistupur Main Road at the time of the crime.

Kamal said soon after the incident took place, Vijay had informed him of the loot. On his part, Kamal informed the police over his cell-phone.�

On being queried, Kamal said that the company employs a lone biker for collecting the cash from the customers and deposit them in banks.�

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