Sunday, September 19, 2021

Rotary Femina installs hand wash station at village school

Jamshedpur, Feb. 23: Rotary Club of Jamshedpur Femina celebrated 112th birth anniversary of Rotary International with the villagers at Mohanpur, near Jain college, Chotta Gamharia on Thursday.

Femina has been involved in providing basic facilities to the villagers. The Club started water supply to the four toilets that were already there. Repaired hand pumps.

Provided electrical wiring in the classrooms. Laid pipe line, Set up hand wash basin station. Gave a water tank for storage of water. One submersible pump was provided to fill the tank along with providing of fans and lights in the classrooms. On the occasion of Rotary Day, DG Dr. R Bharat inaugurated the hand wash station, the water pump at the village school on Thursday morning.

Many other dignitaries from the town including Khokon Dutta, Dr. R Master, Aruna Taneja, Katy Gabba were present during the celebration.

After the inauguration, Dr. Bharat addressed the villagers and told them importance of hand washing and how to keep the toilets clean and stay healthy.

Club president Pritha Dutta with all the Femina members were also present at the event. The program was a great success with cooperation of villagers, ladies and children. At the end cake cutting was done with a Rotary wheel.

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