Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Roshni gets TMH support in eye donation awareness

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Jamshedpur, Oct 9: Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme (HCRP) which helps in getting almost 40% of Eye Donation from across the country is now going to be initiated in Jamshedpur with Tata Main Hospital coming forward to help RoshniJamshedpur who are involved in the promotion of Eye Donation and providingvision to corneally blind person.

Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme has been strongly advocated by Eye Bank
Association of India and it gained momentum here with the visit of its
President Dr Samar Kumar Basak in August end during the National Blindness
Eradication Fortnight Celebration.


Dr Ajay Kumar, Member of Parliament who
addressed the workshop as the Chief Guest took up the cause too with Tata
Main Hospital keeping the interest of the community at large who are
unfortunately waiting for years for lack of any eye donor.

Tata Main Hospital has now decided to help Roshni in reaching them timely
information through its Enquiry of any death taking place.


Roshni in turnwill make a sensitive and timely request for Eye Donation to relatives of
deceased patients and will then organize for quick convenient enucleation
if consent is received through the help of ophthalmologist of both Tata
Main Hospital and Jamshedpur Eye Hospital.

Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme across the world has taken care of the
limitations of Public Awareness Programmes on Eye Donation and has been of
immense help in recognizing the right of donors to exercise their option.
It also helps in getting quality tissue, quick access, better tissue
evaluation and also help improves social image of hospital.


Hospital CorneaRetrieval Programme provides the platform to hospitals to get projected as
a socially responsible citizens, provides help to corporate and NGO who are
interested in result oriented programmes.

Roshni team is quite excited with the latest support being extended by Tata
Main Hospital.


Roshni were very hopeful when Police Officials both at State
and District Level came forward to ensure timely communication of medico
legal cases of suicide and fatal accident to Roshni team, which
unfortunately has not taken off very well.

It is expected that soon all the waiting recipients which includes many
adolescents and child too will be taken care at the earliest as more and
more voluntary and socially conscious donor will come forward in a good

Meanwhile Roshni has now decided to take the help of Prova Eye Bank
situated in Barrackpore, West Bengal in getting corneas from there and in
sending cornellay blind person for regrafting and other complicated cases.

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