Saturday, December 2, 2023

Rivers flows on danger mark in Jamshedpur, administration on toes

Jamshedpur, Aug 24: Amidst rainfall from past few days threat of flood still looms large in the city and low-lying areas of adjoining localities, as the water level has reached the danger level.Concerned over the gushing of water from the catchment areas into the Subarnarekha, �the authorities of Chandil dam are keeping vigil.

The official pointed out that  Kanchi  and  Karkari rivers  which flow along Khunti and Sili  and finally meets Subernarekha are contributing  to the rising level of the Chandil dam.
“Both Kanchi and Karkari river which has met the Subarnarekha have contributed immensely for the rise of water level, which continues to go up gradually despite opening up of the radial gate,” he said.  

Significantly, the fear of flood and wide scale damage caused by the incessant rains has forced a large number of villagers to abandon their houses and are taking refuge either at their relatives’ house or in make-shift  camps set up for the purpose.

Many of the thatched houses, where the villagers continue  to stay despite the SMP authority having made arrangements for their settlement elsewhere, have collapsed after a number of villages were inundated following the water level of the dam went up.  As a result, the villagers, who were continuing to  stay to get a better package or clearance of the compensation package, had to move with bags and baggage.

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