Friday, December 1, 2023

Residents of Gurdwara Road Mango reeling under acute drinking water crisis

Jamshedpur: Residents of Gurudwara Road in Mango are reeling under acute drinking water crisis as drinking water and sanitation department (DW&SD) is not supply the water since the past six days.

Where as the rest of the localities under the civic body, Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC), are getting the tap-water supply regularly, the residents of Gurdwara Road have no choice but to purchase drinking water.

” We have no choice left but to buy water. Today is the sixth day that we did not get water through our tap. We have lodged complaint with the DW&SD through MNAC, but nothing has been done so far. As a result of which we have to buy water by paying from private water supply services,” said a resident of Gurudwara Road.

Several other residents also complained against the DW&SD for not supplying drinking water, and later bought water from the private water supply operators.The private water suppliers are making a brisk business by taking advantage of the situation.

The MNAC has also a system of providing water through tanker, but despite the water from the civic body is a little chipper, people contact vendors.
The water supply problem cropped up as a underground main pipe has got damaged and it required immediate replacement.

Special officer, MNAC, Rajendra Prasad Gupta confirmed about the water supply problem at Gurudwara road, but could not give an assurance as it is being looked after the DW&SD.

�It is really an agonising wait for the women for the arrival of water tankers in areas deprived of water supplies through the pipelines. Long queues of women standing for waters at hand pumps are regular feature,� said Abhay Kant. �It is really difficult times for us. Long queues of women standing for waters at hand pumps are regular feature,� said Yohesh Sharma.

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