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Ravana�s arrogance turns to ashes in a flicker of time

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Jamshedpur, Oct. 12: Ravana Dahan was organized with great fervour at various places in the city on the occasion of Vijayadashmi.

Among the various venues for the burning of Ravana, Sonari turned out to be the greatest crowd-puller. Several thousands of people gathered around the Ram Mandir ground for the annual spectacle.

Chief guest of the occasion, MLA and former state minister Champai Soren inaugurated the event and lit fire in the effigy of Ravana.

The effigy caught fire in no time and was turned into a fiery demon with its various parts bursting and blowing apart with booming of firecrackers burning within.

Members of Ram Mandir Ravan Dahan Samiti said the preparations for the annual event started several days back.

They said the event had now become a cynosure of the 10 day long festivity as people from far and wide visit Sonari on the concluding day to witness the grand event.

The event is mostly loved and appreciated by children who come here after listening to various stories related to Dussehra and Ramlila, one of the committee members said.

Prior to the burning of Ravana�s effigy, crackers were burnt, raising the level of enthusiasm in the spectators. The ground was barricaded with bamboos to prevent injury or stamped near the burning effigy.

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