Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Rajasthani Folk dance enthralls Hill Top students

Himalayan Paths

Jamshedpur: Surmannath Kalbelia Sapera and troupe from Jodhpur in Rajasthan presented Rajasthani Folk dance which enthralled the audience comprising students and teachers of Hill Top School on Thursday.

From the traditional warm welcome of “padharo mare des” to the alluring renditions on the traditional instruments of ‘morchang’ and ‘khartal’ , Rajasthan was well represented in song, rhythm and dance forms.

The vibrant folk dances included the lively ‘ghoomar’ with the poised balancing of earthenware pots on the head displaying a fine blend of finesse and rustic charm.

The vigorous and zestful display of their perfect movements to the enchanting tune of musical instruments was indeed a treat to the eyes.

The thunderous applause following each performance spoke volumes of the impact of rustic charm that by far supersedes any modern version visible all around us.

The programme was organised in collaboration with Spicmacay.

At the end, the artistes inspired the students to think about the rich culture of Rajasthan that is steeped in traditional styles.

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