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Rain deficit leads to steep hike in vegetable prices in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, July 24 : Rain deficit in the region has led to the steep hike in vegetable prices.Tomato and potato, sold at throwaway prices till a few weeks ago in the market, have seen a sharp spike in prices. Tomato is now fast going out of the reach of common man as its price in the retail market has shot up from Rs 20-30 per kg to Rs 60-65 per kg.

Meanwhile, the cost of potato is also on the rise. The wholesale rate for potato has doubled from Rs 15-18 to Rs 30 a kg. Besides, there is spurt in the price of capsicum from Rs 10 per kg to Rs 30 per kg and ladyfingers from Rs 10 kg to Rs 25 per kg.

Though prices usually increase every year during monsoon which is common for the city folks but this time rain deficit has hit the consumer�s budget miserably. It seems that the customers at this point will have no more respite from high prices till widespread monsoon rainfall resumes across major producing regions of Jamshedpur.

Jharkhand this year has witnessed rain deficit of at least 40 per cent. As many as 10 of 24 districts in the State have not even started sowing of crop. Although the Directorate of Agriculture says that it is too early to predict if the State is staring at drought like situation, farmers are crying hoarse over the apathy of the rain gods.

The prices of almost all vegetables have shot up by at least 30 to 40 per cent in the city in recent weeks. No doubt impact of delayed rains is showing in the prices of the vegetables in the city.

According to information, over the weeks the prices of vegetables in the city markets and its adjoining areas have skyrocketed and people are reeling under increased prices. The production this has been hampered.

Farmers in Patamda complain that due to poor rainfall the production has been affected. Due to short in supply the prices of several vegetables like tomato, potato, garlic, lady’s fingers and bringal have increased.

Tomatoes and onion which is brought from Bangalore and Nashik (Maharashtra) respectively has had its prices almost doubled.

Prices of apple and mango have been the worst hit. There is only cold storage facility at Bistupur.

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