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Providing ownership rights to people of 86 slums mere �jumla�: RPN Singh

Congress in-charge attacks State Government on poor NH 33 condition

Jamshedpur, Aug. 9: Former Union Minister and state in-charge of Congress RPN Singh on Thursday said that the poor condition of NH 33 which connects Jamshedpur and Ranchi only goes to show that the State Government has failed miserably.
He said pot holes on the highway were an indication that the Chief Minister has not been able to do anything to complete the project even though there is BJP government both at the centre and the state.

Addressing a press meet here, Singh said that the shabby condition of NH 33 reflects poorly on State Government. Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleges what Congress has done in 60 years but what the BJP has done for NH 33 in the past four-and-a-half years, he questioned.

�On the occasion of International Adivasi Diwasthe Congress has started a revolution to remove BJP from the Centre and Jharkhand,� the state Congress leader added.

Targeting CM RaghubarDas, Singh said has proved to be a failure when it comes to giving ownership rights to people of 86 slums in the city. The Chief Minister had been winning elections on this issue. His promise to give ownership rights was nothing but a �jumla�.

The senior Congress leader also attached Das for not able to improve the health infrastructure on his home turf Jamshedpur.

Singh said there was complete discipline in the party and if any one crosses the line than action would be taken as per the constitution of the party. He expressed confidence that during his five-day tour in Jharkhand he has been holding meetings with the in-charge of the various organisations and morchas of the party as work was going on to strengthen the party organization in all the 81 seats of the state. He said that he was also happy with the work being done by the party workers and the leaders.

Attacking Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das he said that it seems that he too also works on the directions received from the Prime Minister.

On the National Regsiter of Citizens, he said NRC was formed at the behest of then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and that the Manmohan Singh government released Rs 490 crore for its effective functioning.

“It is really a shame that the BJP is trying grab the credit of good work begun by the Congress. They should first prove their achievements in past four years, before advocating setting up NRC in other states including Jharkhand,” RPN Singh noted.

Congress leaders Ajoy Kumar and AlamgirAlam were also present at the press conference.

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