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Premlata motivates girls to enjoy thrill of adventure

Himalayan Paths

Address ‘Voices of Children’ programme
: Ace mountaineer Premlata Agarwal, while addressing ‘Voices of Children’, an interactive session organised by Unicef and Adarsh Seva Sansthan at the Jamshedpur Women’s College motivated students especially girls to enjoy thrill of adventure.

Premlata Agarwal spoke about her challenges yet the extra-ordinary journey of climbing Mt. Everest. �My family has been my inspiration and pillar of strength in my forays into the exciting and dangerous world of adventure sports.

Otherwise climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Aconcagua, and Mt Everest would only have remained a distant dream,� she noted.

Recollecting nostaligic moments of her life she recounted: �I just used to JRD Tata Sports Complex just for my evening walks. However, during one of my visits I came across an Adventure Sports Foundation nestled in the stadium. I met Bachedari Pal and her personality inspired me to follow her route and the rest as it is said is history�.

The experiences and interactive session inspired the girls and they clapped together at her achievements.
Answering the queries raised by the students Agarwal replied, “God has blessed us with talents and nobody is rich or poor, it is the quality which decides about a person. The only point is that you have to have courage to step forward�.

The Voices of Children is an annual interactive session to let village students talk about their thoughts and to let them question to explore and learn new things.

�Every human nurtures a spirit for adventure. Women are not different. It only requires will and determination. One does not have to set aside family responsibilities including household chores to satisfy the spirit of daring. Even I perform the duties of a wife and mother as also the daughter-in-law of the household. All that is required is the will to go ahead,� she says.

She said that adventure helps one to develop skills such as coordination, planning, management, active listening and self-exploration, which give confidence to visualize and work towards a brighter future.

The adventure programme enables us to develop the ability to explore areas hitherto unexplored, deal effectively with the limitations of organisational and other boundaries.

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