Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Police to increase night patrolling during festive season


Jamshedpur : East Singhbhum district police has decided to step up night patrolling on the street and residential locality as well as the marketplaces across the city.

Senior superintendent of police, Richard Lakra said that the decision to initiate night patrolling was taken following the assessment of a spat of crimes like theft and burglary in the city.

During the patrolling which will continue till past midnight, the senior SP said that the deputy superintendents of police of the respective areas have been assigned to monitor the patrolling.

“The deputy superintendents of police will keep a close co-ordination among themselves and also with the officers-in-charge of the respective police stations during the period when patrolling will be done. They have to ensure that the patrolling is being done effectively,” said the Senior SP.

The normal evening hours of the Steel City have now literally turned into the vulnerable hours as the rising crime graph has indicated that majority of the crime in the industrial town has taken place in the evening.

Moreover incidents of conmen diverting the attention of the public and making away with their bags containing cash and valuables have also been on the rise in the city. Despite efforts to curb the incidents by the police the situation remain the same.

Though such incidents are frequently occurring in various parts of the city, the police have not able to control the situation. People coming out of banks after withdrawing money have been the victims in a majority of the cases.

According to Lakra, the thieves and burglars tend to commit crime in dark, when the people are in deep slumber. He pointed out if the police parties carry out an intensive patrolling then the criminals will get a message that they may be caught during any wrong doing.

Elaborating on the measures, the senior SP said that prior to the major festive occasion, the people tend to spend money lavishly and the incidents of crimes like theft and burglary also go up.

A majority of chain snatching incidents have taken place during late evening hours when it is difficult to identify snatchers. Snatchers grab the victims from the back and snatch their chains, earrings and other ornaments and escape from the scene within seconds. They target women who pass through deserted areas.

According to sources, the patrolling parties may intercept any vehicles, including the four-wheelers and three-wheelers passing through the street past midnight and check whether the occupants in the vehicles were anti-social or not. The police may also frisk the passengers so as to ensure the people boarding a vehicle are unarmed.

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