Saturday, December 2, 2023

Police tightens noose against Akhilesh Singh and his associates

Jamshedpur, Dec. 24: The police on Saturday took another step to tighten noose against gangster Akhilesh Singh and his close associates.

The police executed a `kurki-jabti� warrant by attaching movable properties of Akhilesh Singh�s close associates Sanjay Singh alias Jojo, son of Sheru Singh at his residence in Tata Line Road No. 10, Sidhgora and at Ashwini Srivastav�s residence near Bhuiyadih JMM office.

Singh is one of the key accused in the recent murder cases. Transporter Upendra Singh (56) who had enmity with gangster Akhilesh was shot dead by two criminals at bar building on the civil court premises in Sitaramdera thana area on November 30 afternoon.

Acting on the directives of district judicial officer Sonam Bisnoi., police executed a �kurki-jabti� warrant. Police took around 4 hours to attach the properties where refrigerator, bed, spoon, plates were taken away by the police. Sitaramdera Police Station incharge Rameshwar Oraon, Sidhgora Police Station incharge Jaydev Singh were present with the force. QRT team also supported the police in executing the work.

According to the Pre-announced schedule, Police team first reached the house of Ashwini in Bhuiyadih at 11.45 am. All the goods were taken out from the under construction building with the help of labourers and were loaded on the truck. On the occasion brother and mother of Ashwini were present but didn�t object the move.

His mother asked the police to arrest his son as early as possible. Later at 1.30 pm police reached the house of Jojo in Tata Line. Jojo�s family members are on the run since the November 30 incident. Police attached the properties till 3.30 pm. Jojo was living in a rented house of Balbir Kaur.

Akhilesh Singh�s name figured in the FIR after the probe of Sonu Singh who said that they wanted to join Akhilesh Singh�s �A-company� and therefore they had been given a task to kill Upendra Singh as a proof to get into the company.

Earlier, police attached the properties of Akhilesh Singh�s close associate Kanhaiya Singh on December 16.
After gangster Akhilesh Singh�s name got figured into the murder of JMM leader and transporter, Upendra Singh, the police executed a `kurki-jabti� warrant by attaching movable properties of gangster Akhilesh Singh at his father�s residence in Sidhgora on December 2 and later at his four flats at Shristi Garden in Birsanagar on Friday, December 23.

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