Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Police attach properties of gangster Akhilesh Singh’s close associate Kanhaiya Singh

Jamshedpur : The police on Saturday took another step to tighten noose against gangster Akhilesh Singh’s close associate Kanhaiya Singh.

The police executed a `kurki-jabti’ warrant by attaching movable properties at his residence in Baghbera. The police even took the doors and gate of his house.

Singh is one of the key accused in the recent murder cases. Transporter Upendra Singh (56) who had enmity with gangster Akhilesh was shot dead by two criminals at bar building on the civil court premises in Sitaramdera thana area on November 30 afternoon.

Just six days after Upendra’s murder, his close associate Amit Rai (35) was shot dead by a gang of four assailants near his house in Shiv Ganga apartment in Sonari.

Amit’s murder was also conspired by Akhilesh as the murder victim was a former member of the gangster and was disclosing his secrets before the police.

Superintendent of police (city) Prashant Anand confirmed that they are trying to arrest Akhilesh Singh and his associates by carrying out anti-crime checking in the city and conducting raids outside.

“We are trying to arrest those accused in the Upendra Singh murder case and also in Amit Rai murder case by intensifying anti-crime checkings and conducting raids in and outside the city. If anyone of them surrenders before us or the court then it is well and good. But as of now no one has surrendered,” said Anand.

According to sources, Amit had criminal background. He was arrested along with his wife Punam for extorting money in the name of Akhilesh from a Sonari-based businessman in 2003.

He was again arrested for firing at his girl-friend’s house at Sahar City in Mango in 2005, when he had developed proximity with Akhilesh in the jail. He would subsequently work for Akhilesh for the next seven years.

But a brawl with Kanhaiya Singh, a close associate of Akhilesh a year ago had made Amit to shift his allegiance to Upendra Singh. Since last year, Amit, who was also a sharp-shooter, would work for Upendra Singh.

Sources revealed that Akhilesh targeted Amit because the latter was revealing about the ganster’s connection and secrets before the police who are making frantic attempts to get his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, after Amit was murdered, the police have beefed up security in the city. Random arms-checking drive across the steel city is on. They have also sealed up the exit points of the city. The police have further intensified the search for Akhilesh Singh.

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