Friday, December 1, 2023

Person injured as Swagat dwar drops on head

Jamshedpur, Feb 4: Months pass by but the temporary Swagat Dwar put up by the organizers of several events held in different locations of the city are least bothered about removing the Dwar after the conclusion of the event.

Present example is of a �Swagat Dwar� put up for the 31st Basan Mahotsav near Sakchi Bengal Club which fell down by itself injuring a daily commuter on Tuesday, Feb 4.

It�s been more than two weeks that an event was held in Sakchi but the �Swagat Dwar� put up near Sakchi Bengal Club for the Mahotsav held on 11th and 12th of January was not removed and in turn injuring a person when it fell down.

The organizers didn�t take any responsibility to remove the dwar from the road and when it fell down on the busy road it created a traffic jam.

The organizers if they arrange any event in any part or locations of city should take responsibility to remove all the temporary setups they have constructed especially on the roads soon after the completion of the event so that the general public and daily commuters don�t face any problem.

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