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Performances highlight ‘Wheels 2017’ final, Shefali Alvares to perform today

Jamshedpur, Jan. 14: Day 2 of the ‘Wheels 2017’ finals in Telco Colony at Engineers Hall and Telco Club exceeded all expectations on Saturday.

The last segment of the most popular cultural fest saw unparalleled turnout in competitions of Maze Runner, Raaga, Octaves, Footloose Duet, Nukkad and the likes.

The second day of the three day affair witnessed a huge crowd gathering. The cultural fest will conclude on Sunday, January 15. The first event of the day was -Maze Runner-an event based on treasure hunt. There were 10 teams of 4 members each. They had to solve the clues at a given location to find the coordinates of next location.Top 3 teams -1st – MZR010, 2nd – MZR013 and 3rd – MZR328 were declared the winners.

The next event was Raaga–an event of Solo eastern singing. There were 15 participants. 3 participants each in junior and senior categories were selected as winners.

In the senior category- Nancy Singh was crowned the winner followed by Indraneel Singhand Debarati Pal. In the Junior category-Aditya Pathak was first, Rohit Kumar Sahu was second while Shibangi Ray was third.

At Octaves- an event of Solo western singing, there were 15 participants. 3 participants were selected as winners. First was Vyom Varsha followed by N Shailja and Sayandeep Das.

In Footloose Duet –an event of duet dancing.Arya and Ayushi were crowned winner, Amit and Sujata were second while Amit and Kritika along with Ishita and Rishta were joint third.

Special prize was awarded to Shalini and Deeksha.

In the Footloose Group –an event of group dancing first prize went to FTG004 and FTG025, 2nd – FTG036 and 3rd – FTG013. Special prize went to FTG100.

In Nukkad–an event of dramatics. 8 teams participated out of which 3 were selected as winners. First prize went to NKA008 followed by NKA014 and NKA018.

In Sherlockedevent 10 teams were selected for the finals. In this the members of team were locked in a room with one member was handcuffed.They had to come out of the room.

In Carnama event 6 teams participated in finals.There were 5 rounds of automobile quiz. 3 teams were selected as winners. First prize went to CNM085, followed by CNM110 and CNM036.

In Junkyard Wars event 8 teams participated in the finals. They were given the task to make a catapult and it was tested on various parameters after competition among the teams.And one team was selected as winner.

In Battle of bands – There were 4 bands from school category and 3 bands from college category participating in the finals round. One band each from both the categories was selected as winner.

In Art Attack – the event saw 32 participants in 3 different categories in the finals.They had to make drawings on a given theme.

In category Class 3 to 5- first prize went to Yusra Laraib, second was Swarna Singh while Ayan Kar was third.
In category- Class 6 to 9- D. Puneet was first followed by Debarati Pal and Sakshi Arya.

In the category- Class 10 to 12-Aastha Rani was first followed by Dipesh Tandi while Manpreet Kaur and Shivani Gupta were joint third.

The 30th edition of the fest will also see mega night performance by Md. Irfan and Shefali Alvares, Bollywood playback singer at Mulgaonkar Stadium in the evening on Sunday, January 15.

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