Friday, January 22, 2021

Peaceful transition of power

By SK Nag

The US election has confirmed a power transfer through people mandate. People have navigated Biden to the American hot-seat indicating a clear decisive mindset. Mr Biden will meet their expectation, which does not include US citizens alone but the global citizen who watched this political game since the fight started. A thin margin of victory initially anticipated has ended up being a big victory. How the house & senate will behave is to be seen later when it will start functioning fully, predicted by political pundits.

But the ground situation has changed in the USA for global developments. The US cannot afford to copy developing countries’ model, which indirectly adopts an unwelcome attitude to the international crowd that intends to visit the US for different reasons. The US is a place of international integration for collaboration and development. The US should behave like a platform conducive to the creative arena. Global ecosystem meeting point to fertilize many business and scientific ideas to take this world forward. Be it commerce, technical, economic, the US is the ‘The-Place.’ This ‘the-place’ branding could not live up to global expectations for many reasons. The political and bureaucratic relation with many parts of the world is not happening the way it should have been. At times it is receiving severe criticism.

The sky of hope emerged in all countrymen who voted for the new 46th President, including other global onlooking not part of the USA.

The new US president of democrats in the new dawn will have to steer through many diplomatic hurdles internally than externally. The structure of the US parliamentary process comprising two houses. The electorate and senate house is probably the most difficult combination that other presidents had in the recent past. But the passage of power transfer must see a peaceful transition in the end. Biden has a great deal of tasks needing immediate correction before it is too late.

The international relation with countries like China will definitely see a new strategy very soon. With many federal bonds lying in the Chinese coffer, the US may not afford to think in the same line as his predecessor. He will have to undo many policy-level modifications in the recent past to keep the ball rolling and bring confidence to the world with different global policies, facilitating growth.

The current president’s international policy will have to be different to bring a clear and improved front office image in front of the globe. The relation with WHO, fall out of Paris agreement, open sky treaty, Chinese trade strategy and many others, including the policy of Israel, Palestine, and Azerbaijan, all need a fresh policy reconciliation. US Pakistan policy and Biden’s Pakistan perception must align and be coupled tightly; otherwise, the difference between will not be a palpable change.

(Author is Industrial Engineer, Fellow Valuer, Chartered Engineer, BEE approved Energy Expert and Industry Mentor. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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