Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Patients deprived of blankets at MGM Hospital

Jamshedpur : For Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital patients every day some new problem is cropping up.

Crave for water in summer, the patients are facing problem due to chil as they have been deprived of blankets at the hospital.

As the winter chill slowly sets in, and the minimum temperature hovering around 10 degree Celsius, the patients face winter at much difficult .

The local people also said that the dip in temperature is affecting their life. “The weather is extremely getting cold with every passing day. A bonfire is lit only in the evening and keeps you warm for a few hours.

Soon afterwards, it’s cold again till the next evening,” said a patient . He said that if the government is really serious about providing shield to the strays in cold wave blankets will only keep us warm throughout the day.

A district official said that distribution of blankets can certainly be a better solution. But it is for the government to take a call on the matter.

The district administration is also planning to write to the state welfare department for distribution of blankets amongst homeless poor in the city.

Hundreds of patient come to MGM they have to wait to meet or blanket blankets are ordered from home.

MGM hospital treatment for most patients come from rural areas have different economic situation And they are oblivious to the fact.

The officials of the hospital said that the situation has arise because of lack of funds.

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