Thursday, March 23, 2023

Labor Department sends notices to shops that remained open on polling day


Jamshedpur : Despite the instructions from District Election Officer on voting day December 2 several shops were opened.

Many shoppers were served notices issued by the Department of Labor Jamshedpur. In this regard, labor superintendent Tej Pratap Singh said if shoppers respond would not be satisfactory appropriate legal action against them will be taken.

According to the superintendent of labor, Sakchi Big Bite, Hotel All Season, Hotel Ahaar, Harish Electrival have been served notices.

Similarly, Mahalakshmi Bhog, Ali fashion, Kadma market New Sahu, Mango Asoka confectioneries, Dimna Road Vijay Bicycles Mango, Mango mobile Aditya sky tower, Café Coffee Day and Jugslai Big Shoe house were opened.

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