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Passengers feel the heat as govt bus stand lacks amenities

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By Siddharth Mishra
Jamshedpur, April 30
: Hundreds of passengers at the Bhuiyandih-based government bus terminus are facing hardships every day by standing under the scorching sun, as the waiting room/space lacks volume to accommodate more than 20 passengers.

Besides lack of adequate room, another major problem being faced by the commuters is the non-availability of drinking water. There are no taps or water coolers to provide the passengers with drinking water.

The Bhuiyandih bus stand is the principal bus stand that connects Jamshedpur with Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar, Patna and other cities in Bihar as well as Jharkhand efficiently. There are buses for Ranchi at every half an hour, and late night buses for Ranchi as well as Bhubaneswar. This bus stand has a lot of commuters at any given point time which travel regularly, for various purposes.

With the blazing heat of the Sun creating more records every day, these commuters face a lot of complications. The inability of the transports authority to not install any taps, water coolers at the bus stand has left the people clueless. There are various shops that sell bottled water, hence every time the passengers have to buy water in order to quench their thirst. This eventually becomes expensive for commuters who come from the lower economic strata of the society.

The next issue that concerns the people is the absence of an ATM in the bus stand. After demonetization, the cashless system is on the up, but there are people who come from remote villages, and many of them are not that tech savvy. These people demand an ATM machine to be installed in the bus stand, because in case of cash emergency they have to either go to Mango or Sakchi which is time taking for them.

“An ATM is a must at the bus stand, because after demonetization people lack money in cash for emergency situations” said Saroj Kumar who works at the ticket counter at the bus stand.

Even though the government has managed the garbage problem, water scarcity still remains an issue. The bus stand receives water through a small pipe for a few hours in the morning, which clearly is not enough for washing the vehicles, and then taking out for drinking purpose.

The waiting space of the bus stand is compact and hence it cannot accommodate more than 20 people. This in turn becomes an issue for the huge number of passengers that have to wait in the sun, in this hot weather.

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