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Parking tender finalized with new arrangements

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Jamshedpur, Sept 29: Tender for shops and rooms at Mango Bus Stand along with Bistupur parking was finalized on Tuesday.

The highest bidder was allotted the parking tender. Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) will get revenue of Rs 15.61 lakh from Bistupur Parking while Rs 34.87 lakh from shops, rooms and parking of Mango Bus Stand per annum.

Both the spaces were allotted in presence of Special Officer of JNAC Deepak Sahay, DC Dr. Amitabh Kaushal and ADC Sunil Kumar.

For settlement of a shop in Building No. 1 during Bus Stand shops and rooms, bidding was held for 18 rounds and it was finally allotted to Abhinav Kumar of Baghbera for Rs 5.43 lakh per annum for which 17 bidders participated.

51 rounds of bidding took place for a shop in Building No. 2 and it was allotted to Vishal Kumar Dubey for Rs 5.10 lakh per year.

Settlement for 9 shops and rooms of first floor was held for a year. Administration will get Rs 19, 25,900 per year as revenue. On the other hand, Bistupur Parking tender was allotted to JVM leader Dharmendra Prasad. He won the bid for Rs 15.61 lakh.

Kamani Centre and Diagnol Road was allotted for Rs 1.61 lakh while parking area from Post office to Yashkamal Complex, N Road, Tilak Pushtakalay, in front Bank of Baroda and Chuna Shah Baba Majar was finalized at Rs 12, 31,000. There will be no parking near Chuna Shah Baba Majar on Sunday.

The process was finalized in the supervision of JNAC Special officer Deepak Sahay were two auto stands in Bistupur and parking for other vehicles have been distributed into three parts.

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