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Daily exercise, regular medical check-ups essential to keep heart diseases at bay


Jamshedpur, Sept 29: Tata Main Hospital (TMH) observed World Heart Day on Tuesday, September 29 to raise public awareness about heart diseases and the importance of a healthy heart. On the occasion, Continuing Medical Education (CME) was organized at TMH.

The Cardiology Department of TMH also organized a Continuing Medical Education (CME) for city doctors. The event was jointly inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Anand Sen, and Sunil Bhaskaran, the Guest of Honour. Mr Sen spoke about the importance of daily exercise, regular medical check-ups, having advanced medical facilities and good post-operative care to create an ecosystem for healthy living.

Mr Bhaskaran shared the departmentís vision of becoming the destination within Bihar and Jharkhand for all medical heart patients. He spoke on the departmentís modern and advanced setup having the latest equipment in the entire country.

Dr Vijaya Bharat, Head of Department, Cardiology, present on the occasion gave a report on the activities of the Cardiac Cath Lab. A significant achievement is that after becoming functional on 9 April 2015, a total of 450 procedures have been carried out including 85 angioplasties with stenting.

Dr. Mandar Shah, interventional cardiologist and electrophysiologist at TMH and the Cardiology team of doctors conducted an interactive case based discussion on the procedures carried out at the TMH Cath Lab.

TMH is the only hospital in Jharkhand and Bihar to have the facility for treating fast heart rate caused by short circuiting within the electrical pathway of the heart muscle.

In the last two weeks Electrophysiology and Radio Frequency ablation (EPS and RFA) were successfully carried out in six patients. Very few cardiac centers in India offer EPS and RFA which requires special training, skill and special equipment.

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