Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Parking mess at Sakchi

Jamshedpur, Oct 15: There are no takers for the newly designated parking zones in the city. With Durga Puja starting next week, shoppers are seen flouting traffic rules.

The busy road from Bengal Club to Sakchi Roundabout was overcrowded with vehicles on Thursday evening. The retail malls in the road are attracting buyers by giving special offers but lack of parking facilities is making life difficult for the commuters.

While motorists freely park their four-wheelers on the drop-and-go lane, the traffic police is nowhere to be seen. Four-wheelers and two wheelers are also parked on the No Parking Zone despite warning signs installed by the administration.  

After strict action last month, two-wheelers are back on the road and four-wheelers back in the drop-and-go lane — parked there for hours together. 

A Guard at one of the Mall said that people were being asked to park their vehicles in the designated areas, but many have violated orders, resulting in indiscipline and chaos. 

“Lack of parking facilities in Sakchi for vehicles takes a toll on puja shoppers and with people coming out in large numbers for shopping the overcrowding can’t be stopped,” said Rahul Nayak, a businessman from the city.

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