Sunday, December 4, 2022

Pappu Sardar gifts sewing machine to needy woman

Jamshedpur: Madhuri Dixit fan Pappu Sardar gifted a sewing machine to a needy woman on Tuesday. He said the beneficiary, Sunita Pramanik, resident of Kanchan Para in Kandra, had lost her source of livelihood after unidentified mischief-mongers set afire her tailoring shop on 3rd February last.

“In the arson, Sunita lost four sewing machines, cloth pieces, stitched clothes and other items. The incident came as a jolt to her family as she was unable to carry on her daily business. The victim spoke to local politicians but was only given assurances,” said Pappu.

Sunita said she contacted Pappu over phone and sought his help. The latter was quick to help the woman. She alleged the police had done little to detect the culprits. She said the culprits had managed to set her shop on fire despite presence of police patrol vehicles in the locality.

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