Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ornaments worth over Rs 15 lakh stolen from jewelry shop at Govindpur

Jamshedpur: In a shocking incident, a gang of burglars decamped with gold and silver ornaments worth over Rs 15 lakh by entering over a jewelry shop at Govindpur in the wee hours of Monday.

According to information the gang cut as many as 17 locks at the jewelry house, MaaLaxmiJewellers, located on the main road of Govindpur.

Pawan Kumar Verma, the owner of the jewelry shop who resides at Govindpur colony informed about the burglary. A police party from Govindpurpolice station discovered the burglary at the jewelry shop during patrolling of the area.

“I am in state of shock. I used to keep it locked with adequate number of locks. The burglars struck at my shop and have taken away gold and silver ornaments worth over Rs 15 lakh. I have lodged an FIR with the police in connection to the incident,” said Verma.

The shop owner said the CCTV cameras which had been installed in the shop were intact. “In the CCTV footage it shows that three criminals had entered into the shop and came out of the shop having committed the crime at 1.45 minutes,” said the victim.

Before attacking over the MaaLaxmi Jewelers, the burglars had cut the locks in two more shops adjoining the burgled shop. The criminals had left the two shops — a book shop and a jewelry shop.

City SP, Prabhat Kumar rushed to the spot on getting information about burglary. ” We are investigating the incident. As per our study it seems to be a professional gang of burglars. We are trying to detect the gang soon,” said Kumar.

The City SP, on being asked, said they did not press a sniffer dog as they feel that the criminals involved in the crime were from outside the city. A shop-keeper in the Govindpur said that they had a common night watchman at Govindpur market, but three years ago the watchman had conspired with the burglars and had helped them committing chain burglaries in as many as six shops.

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