Thursday, September 21, 2023

Olidih police ignoring HC order on illegal construction

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Jamshedpur, March 15: The Olidih police are reportedly ignoring a court order related to a piece of tribal land, which is being used for constructing several flats. The said 4-acre (approximately) land belongs to one Raja Birua.

CHN Developers Private Limited has started massive construction activities on the land. An estimated 286 flats will be constructed on the land (plot number 4637).

The Jharkhand High Court has issued a stay order No. 58-2015 on the construction work. The stay has been transmitted by the court to Mango Notified Area Committee.

In its order, the High Court has directed the Mango police and MNAC to ensure immediate compliance with the court order and maintain the status quo on the ground. A copy of the notice issued on 29/02/2016 and it was given to Raja Maidan builder RK Singh and Raja Gope of Olidih.

Despite this notice the police have taken no action yet. Even today construction work is being carried out by the builder.

In this regard, special officer of Mango Notified Area Committee said a court order was given to the police and they need to take action.

The SHO Kamlesh Paswan said he had stopped construction work, but he is not aware of the ongoing work.

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