Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Nursing home partner shot at in Sidhgora


Jamshedpur, Dec 21: With several security measures being taken by the administration and round the clock arms checking the cases of firing are just not stopping in the Steel city. Peace of Jamshedpur is shattered from time to time as goons gun down people mostly businessmen.

A city based business man was shot at while he was standing outside his hospital in Sidhgora at around 8 in the evening on Saturday, Dec 21. According to information, two armed motorcycle borne unidentified assailant fired shot at the trader from point blank.

Lakhan Kumar who is also the co-owner of the Aarogyam Hospital in Sidhgora was standing outside the hospital as his wife is undergoing treatment at the same hospital when two unidentified men fired bullets at Kumar. Soon the victim was rushed to TMH and till the news reached the press he remained critical.

It is reported that Lakhan Kumar is the co-owner of the hospital along with his partner Happy Singh, both are residents of Refugee Colony in Sakchi and there was some financial dispute among them, which seemingly led to the incident.

Both SSP Amol V Homkar and City SP Karthik S. reached the spot and started investigation into the shooting incident.

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