Sunday, December 4, 2022

Nursery student grievously injured after falling off school van in Telco

Jamshedpur, July 10: In a tragic incident near Telco Masjid on Friday, a nursery grade student of Gulmohar Primary School, Saksham Tiwary fell off from a speeding pick-up van (JH05 AR 6073) injuring himself badly in the head.

The precarious event occurred en route from school to home, when the van took a steep turn; the door opened throwing Saksham several yards upon the road.

The van was being driven by a minor 15 year old driver, a sheer non-abidence of the law. The young student was severely hurt. On seeing this few on spot locals rushed him to the nearby Tata Motors Hospital, from where he was soon referred to the Tata Main Hospital.

The Doctor said, “Keeping in mind the gravity of the situation, the Main hospital could provide better treatment & CT scan facility.” Gulmohar School primary coordinator Preeti Sinha also rushed to the hospital after receiving the news.

According to an eyewitness Sonu Khan, “The van was in very high speed & an unexpected speed braker led to the incident.”

The Bhojpuri Navchetna Manch members Sonu Khan, Rahman Anis, Ranjit Pandey, Ghiasuddin chased down the vehicle & nabbed the van driver.

The driver tried to speed up & escape the spot without even bothering for the injured child. The Telco Police has confiscated the van & detained the driver. The Bhojpuri Navchetna Manch has requested strict action upon both the driver & the owner.

The van was far away from the standard safety norms. The door latch was broken & was just hooked by means of a wire mesh.

After continuous warnings from the administration, still the autowalas follow their own wilfulness in law & safety measures.

This incident gathered a mob which included Sonu Khan, Ranjit Pandey, Ankit Anand, Rahman Anis, Tata Motors’ security, Tiger Mobile personnel and many locals of Barinagar.

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