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Non-transparency exists in JSCA, says Sunil Singh

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By Manpreet Singh Bhatia
Jamshedpur, August 13
: Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) boasts itself of being Successor of the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) 1935.

But the recent activities by the committee officials has raised questions on its sanctity.The Supreme Court intervention into the BCCI and banning certain issues has not stopped the JSCA from conducting its illegitimate activities.

JSCA is still indulged in its non-transparent deals and anti-profit oriented schemes, said Sunil Kumar Singh, former member of the state cricket association and Convener of Save Jharkhand Sports. Singh shared a few of them with The Avenue Mail.

At the AGM (BCA) held at Michael John Auditorium, Bistupur on June 22, 2003, member A.K.Singh under agenda 5 of constitution rule 4(c) addressing the officials said,”Well known personalities in India or outside who have rendered distinctive services to the cause of sports in general and cricket in particular may be admitted as honourary members of the association.The admission of the members shall be confirmed at the AGM meeting of the association.

Dual membership was incompatible with the spirit of the constitution.” The house accepted this view unanimously. A.N.Singh, former president of the BCA and vice-president of BCCI in the year 2006 when casted his individual vote at the Bokaro JSCA election was shocked to know later that he has been elected as the honorary member of the committee.

At that time the issue of dual membership was debated in the committee. Today a member with dual posts in the committee is treated as two different members thereby bestowed greater power upon him. He is even given two separate attendances at meetings and elections. This can be proved by means of the videos of the elections & meetings conducted.

For instance, Binay Kr. Singh 1019 and Binoy Kr. Singh 1777 is a single individual who casts two votes as separate persons. His entire family has been decorated with membership posts in the JSCA.

He was the one who signed the lease agreement while he held the post of COT in the HEC. Ajay(1650) has also casted dual votes in the committee election.

Votes were casted even for the members who were not present. This matter must be enquired and probed as it is a matter of grave threat.

According to the election commission an individual in any case can cast only one vote, but a JSCA member can cast upto 3 votes-one as a president/secretary, individual life member’s vote as other and yet another as a representative of club/school/institution.

Not only this but if at the meeting the attendance is low, it is often showed with inflated numbers. When the membership of D.Rath was cancelled along with 194 other members, then he was inducted into the list of honourary members with the assent of other members.

During the 2013 elections, Uday Sahu’s (1383) name was later written on the list of contesting candidates. After the elections names of Arshad Hussain (1690), Sunita Gupta (1860) and Sandhya Dwivedi (1861) were later added into the member’s list of the annual report.

The notices of AGM/SGM are never factual but are often forged. The BCCI had banned UCI throughout the country but JSCA used it for another two years. According to the rules meetings cannot be held at successive intervals of half an hour, but JSCA has conducted it on many occasions.

The copy of the annual report is handed over to the members present but till date none of the absent members have received the copy. The AGM held at Deoghar on July 19, 2015 saw participation of about 200 members only form Ranchi and Jamshedpur. Other districts were represented by only the secretaries. Yet the meeting was convened against the law.

Around 38 laws and schedules have been amended but none of them are followed. Membership to the first class cricketers and representation of women in the management committee is yet to be given. Without any meetings or any consent to the members suspended members like Sanjay Bara, Fr. Nicholas Tete, Fr. Alex Ekka, Mihir Topna, Hemant Toppo and Samir Lohiya continue to enjoy membership in the JSCA list.

Any questions asked under clause 20(c) remains unanswerable. Previously members used to ask questions based on agendas and the minutes were noted down but now as per convenience minutes & attendance are made in the meetings.

For instance, a member of Palamu Md.Iqbal who is a tent house owner cum businessman worked out through the Jharkhand Premier League (JPL). In the following AGM, former minister Subodh Kant Sahay was criticised for anomolous enrty of data pertaining to attendance and minutes of members.

However the register shows attendance of Iqbal but he was absent in the meeting.The annual report printing date as mentioned is 12-05-2015 for the year 2014-15 but the report & photographs submitted by AGM(Deoghar) shows it as 22-05-2015 and was printed in July 2015. It means that the annual report was printed sometime in July 2015.

Life member Shyam Bahadur Singh is burdened with the task of registration and attendance in the JSCA. At the time of construction of stadium he was also responsible for the material supply in which many misappropiations had surfaced. On being objected the matter was supressed by the president as it was a result of nepotism, ie, his entire family has been involved in the business matters of the JSCA.

Singh further said, “Now all additions and subtractions of members in JSCA are carried out by S.B.Singh on orders of the president.

More such schemes and misappropriations will be busted in the future. I have always been within the committee’s limit and been under Misconduct31 in which we keep matters of the committee limited to the members only. But as I have been suspended and relieved of my duties, now I can share all mideeds of the committee with the commons”.

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