Monday, December 11, 2023

NML ignites scientific temper of Karim City College students

Jamshedpur : A batch of 101 students of class XII Std from Karim City College, Jamshedpur, accompanied by four teachers Prof. Aatey Ali (HoD),Dept. of Geography , Dr. Md Reyaz , ,Md Fakhruddin Ansari and Ms Farzana Anjum visited CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur and interacted with the scientists and research scholars under the aegis NML interactive programme (SNIP) in collaboration with NASI, Jharkhand Chapter. The students were excited to visit the laboratory and interact with the working scientists and research scholars.

The programme was scheduled for four hours, which comprised of an overview of Indian Science and Technology, Documentary film show on CSIR and NML separately, and a visit around the laboratory�s Burmamines Campus and also near to Tube Company campus.. Dr. N.G.Goswami ,Coordinator of the programme gave an overview on the developments of Indian Scientific Institutions during pre- and Post Independence periods.

He also focused on CSIR�s contributions in different branches of Science & Technology. Dr Goswami motivated the students and ignited their minds towards the various facets and miracles of scientific developments around the globe. He also drew the students attention towards the various up comings in terms of career opportunities.

The students were further taken to Minerals Processing facilities at Pilot Plant, near Tube Company campus to know about processing of minerals and ores.Dr. M.K.Mohanta, Principal. Scientist discussed in details about origin of earth with power point presentation. Dr.P.N. Mishra, Principal. Scientist also discussed about research and developments at NML, significance of natural resources with reference to naturally occurring ores, minerals, and rocks.

“I came to know about many new aspects of science and technology which I barely knew earlier”, said Anis Kumar after the laboratory visit. Nivedita Samad expressed the similar kind of view.

The students expressed their excitement and happiness over the laboratory visit as well as interaction with the scientists and research scholars. In fact, they were thrilled while visiting the minerals processing labs and looking at the practical set ups.

Md Saif Khan expressed that the lab visit was helpful in improving the thought processes.

Najish Praveen and Bhushan Sahu were impressed to see the cleanness of the Laboratory.

Dhiraj, said, “The visit to the laboratory helped me to know in depth about different types of ores, minerals, metals, rocks, and how they are extracted and used”.

Another student, Asian Ekka said, “We are thrilled to know about CSIR lab’s contribution in the area of science and technology in India.

During the interactive session at the minerals beneficiation plant, a number of students asked different questions on minerals, ores, origin of coal, equipments etc.

Teachers and many students requested for their next visit to the lab for a deeper knowledge. All four teachers expressed their view and were satisfied to know a many more queries made by them.

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