Friday, December 1, 2023

NHRC begins probe into custodial death of Sunil Lohar

Jamshedpur: The mysterious death of an accused Sunil Lohar in the custody of Kovali police station has led the National Human Rights Commission to initiate measures to conduct a probe into the incident.

A senior NHRC official S Jalja visited the city on Thursday and carried out an investigation into the custodial death case. She held a meeting with the deputy commissioner of East Singhbhum Dr Amitabh Kaushal and the senior superintendent of police Richard Lakra and inquired into the custodial death of Sunil Lohar.

The then officer in-charge of Kovali police station Niraj Kumar Mishra has come under the scanner of the top human rights government body after his alleged role in the custodial death of Sunil Lohar. Lohar was nabbed after several people had complained against few men allegedly harassing on-duty nurses at the Potka community health centre few days back. Police had kept Lohar in custody where he died before he could be forwarded to judicial custody.

Jalja said she was preparing a report on the custodial death of Sunil Lohar. She said she was looking into all angles of the case. She said she would be handing over the confidential report to the NHRC chairperson.

City-based human rights activist Jawaharlal Sharma met the NHRC official and gave her suggestions to improve the human rights situation in the city. He also apprised the NHRC official of the poor condition of prisoners in the jail and the violation of human rights norms by the state police.

Jalja said she would be talking to the district administration officials and police authorities and asking them to furnish report on the status of human rights and seeking views and explanations on cases of human rights violation. She said the NHRC was keeping an eye on all the cases that were brought before it by various people.

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