Friday, December 9, 2022

New birth certificate norms disconcert Jamshedpur Abhibhawak Sangh

Jamshedpur: The Jamshedpur Abhibhawak Sangh (JAS) today handed a letter of protest to DC Amit Kumar against purported dubious intents of private schools in the admission process for nursery and kindergarten classes.

The JAS members criticized the new move of these schools to register only such children whose birth certificates had been made within a year of their birth. Birth certificates made later would not be accepted. “This move (about the birth certificates) will deprive many children from getting admission in nursery and KG classes,” stated a member.

JAS president Dr Umesh Kumar attributed this move of private schools to suspicious motive of the private school authorities. He said, “This sudden shift from the old system of registering children to the new rule of admission eligibility with birth certificates made within a year of the child’s birth, reeks of doubtful intents on the part of private school authorities. They intend to save seats and admit students through the backdoor.”

This was the content of the protest note handed to the DC. The JAS wanted the Deputy Commissioner to intervene in the matter and requested him to instruct such schools to refrain from the new admission norms and revert to the old practice.

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