Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Neelanchal company issues closure notice, workers worried

Jamshedpur: The management of Neelanchal Iron and Power Company Limited at Raghunathpur, Kandra, has issued a notice regarding suspension of operations and closure of the company from 1st July this year. This has led to a panicky situation among the workers.

Senior general manager of the company Gangadhar Vajpayee said the company was going to be closed due to adverse and inevitable circumstances. He said the workers will be paid their wages on 16th August.

The company was established in the year 2005. Till 2010, the company did well. But in the year 2011, it was closed down.

Till 2016, the company remained closed. Later, it was acquired by industrialist Manish Khemka of Kolkata.

Vajpayee said the local people were not cooperating with the company as a result of which the company had decided to put an end to its business.

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