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Nareetva Darshan will help transform today�s male-dominated society: Kolhan DIG

Jamshedpur, Sept. 25: Brahma Kumaris in association with Lions Clubs screened highly Creative and Inspirational Hindi Documentary Talk Show Film: �Nareetva Darshan�-Episode 1:�Swamaan Ya Purush Samaan� (Self respect or equal to men) at Payal Cinema in Mango on Sunday, September 25, were more than 1000 ladies and gents were present. Shambhu Thakur, IPS, DIG, Kolhan was the chief guest for the occasion while Anoop T Mathew, IPS,SSP, Jamshedpur was the distinguished guest.

Guests were welcomed by BK Dr. Sunita Didi, Director, Nareetva Darshan Film and BK Anju Didi, Director Brahma Kumaris, Jamshedpur and her team.

Nareetva Darshan success booklet was unveiled by Chief Guest and all the dignitaries were presented with one booklet. BK Anju Didi, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Jamshedpur led the Pledge of Nareetva darshan which was repeated by the Dignitaries and the viewers present.

Nareetva Darshan film director Dr. Sunita Didi Chandak (ph.d) was felicitated by the chief guest Shambhu Thakur with a memento for her awesome efforts towards women empowerment through the film.

Applauding the efforts put in by BK Dr. Sunita Didi and her dedicated team, Chief Guest Shambhu Thakur, IPS, DIG, Kolhan, said that this concept of Nareetva Darshan will bring about a great transformation in the mindset of today�s male-dominated society and that in today�s world this is a first grand step of Empowering Women through a Film, initiated by Brahma Kumaris.

He further said that he is the Father of two daughters and does not have a son but he treats his daughters as sons and is very proud of them. He also added that daughter-in-law should also be treated as daughter only and given due regard. He also appreciated the overall efforts of the Brahma Kumaris in upholding the dignity of the women in the society.

As he had been deputed by Home Secretary, N.N. Pandeyji, IAS, who was unable to grace the occasion as Chief Guest due to his unavoidable personal circumstances, he also shared the greetings of Home Secretary which were expressed as follows: �The film opens new vistas of looking at femininity and it will not only promote self respect amongst women folk but also inspire all of us to achieve and make possible, what is seemingly impossible. Dr. Sunita didi and her whole team deserve our deep appreciation for this noble venture”.

After watching the documentary, Chief Guest Shambhu Thakur said, the Screening of the Film emphasized the �Nareetva� meaning with due clarity and the complimentary role of men and women shown in the film was highly cherished.

He further appreciated the efforts of BK Dr. Sunita Didi and overall Brahma Kumaris for bringing the essential message of women empowerment through films.

Distinguished Guest Anoop Mathew, appreciated the Nareetva Darshan Film emphasizing its importance in today�s society and expressed his desire to be screened more in different places so the society is benefited out of it.

Binod Kumar, DDC, Rajnish Kumar, District Governor, Lions Club, District 322A, Suresh Sonthalia, President Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Manju Devi Sawa, Owner, Payal Theatre, Rahul Sawa, Owner, Payal Theatre, Dr. Ashish Pani, Dean (Academics), XLRI, P.N. Das Prop. Das Tent were present as the guest of honour along with several others.
�Nareetva Darshan�(of 13 Episodes) with its mind-boggling tagline: �Nari ko Nahin�Nareetva ko Dekhiye�ek Vaicharik Kranti�(Let�s Look Beyond Feminine�Towards Femininity in its Supremacy�An Ideological Revolution�) is the Winner of the �Best Concept� National Award in the 4th Gujarat National film Festival 2014.

This inspirational film is conceptualized and Directed by Brahma Kumari Dr. Sunita Didi Chandak (Ph.D.) of Surat, who has reported that Brahma Kumaris believe that the history of a woman is the history of mankind. The dignity of a woman is the dignity of our nation, and of our world!

This heart touching film is a mirror that reflects the innate Powers of a Woman. This film equally resonates with the male population as �Femininity� (Nareetva) is found in males too and so we address males as �Gentle� Men.

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