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Musical tribute to Guru Chandrakant Apte on birth anniversary

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Jamshedpur: Late Chandrakant Apte, who tutored many famous vocal artistes in the realms of classical and light music, was paid a touching tribute at the Maharashtra Hitkari Mandal in Bistupur by the Swarganga Parivar.

The rich fare meted out by his students in the form of a musical program aptly named �Janmotsav�. Local and Kolkata artistes enthralled the audience with performances that had the stamp of Guru Chandrakant Apte marked all over.

The program commenced with Guru Vandana through a bandish performed by the maestro�s students Anil Singh, Ruby Banerjee, Pankaj Jha, Padma Jha, Rajiv Ghosh, Ashok Das, Anirudh Sen and Saurav Lahiri.

The students paid tribute to the Guru with his bandish, Nitya deto dhyan in raag Yaman followed by Rijva rang de chirag, composed in the tarana mould.

Eminent tabla player from Kolkata, Pandit Biblab Bhattacharjee regaled an appreciative audience with the teen tala, in various layas. He was accompanied on the harmonium by the popular Virendra Upadhyay.

Guru Chandrakant Apte�s disciple from Kolkata, Sanchali Chatterjee, commenced with a classical song based on raag Madhuwanti, followed by the Guru�s Bhajan compositions including madhwari Meera nachey re. She closed her performance with a thumri. She was accompanied on the tabla by Amitabh Sen and Pankaj Jha on the harmonium.

The last but not the least, was a Katthak dance recital by Pandit Birju Maharaj�s disciple from Bihar, Bansi Vikas. He had the audience mesmerized with his intricate movements and exclusive facial and body expressions. Pandit Biplab Bhattacharjee on the tabla, Birendra Upadhyay on the harmonium and flutist Ashok Das added glitter to Bansi Vikas� gripping performance.

Pankaj Jha, Padma Jha, Anil Singh, Ankush Sen, Ruby Banerjee, Ashok Das, Amitava Sen, Aniruddh Sen, Saurav Lahiri, Birendra Upadhyay, Sonali Chatterjee, Rajiv Ghosh, Sanatan Dwip, Prasenjeet, Vikash, Asu and Dayanath Upadhyay were lauded for organizing �Janmotsav� in a befitting manner.

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