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Music is a unifying force : In conversation with city�s rising rock band Atript

By Israrul Haque
: Fresh, vibrant, enthusiastic and bold they are, not only through their music but also in person, they soulfully communicate with their music and hence create magic.

They are �ATRIPT�, a rising band of Jharkhand.

Music could be heard from a distance at the Jamshedpur�s Kala Mandir where I was introduced to the enthusiastic band members of Atript. Seven years ago, in the year 2009 six passionate music lovers united as one and formed Atript which means �the unsatisfied�.

On asking the reason behind the unique name of the band, Amit Tiru, the drummer of the band, on a very serious note said, �when we used to jam earlier, we were never satisfied with our work, we eagerly crave for a newer version all the time, and hence the name �Atript� struck all of us� and that defines us aptly in a word �the unsatisfied�.

While making music one has to be to be flexible and experimental because then only a musician can have different versions of it, added Amit.

Ashwin Deogam the lead guitarist of the band said that initially they faced difficulties for their jamming sessions as they were school goers and none of their parents allowed them to practice music at home but fortunately Anurag Da, their came as a savior and offered them his place. Now they own their jamming room at Rahargoda.

Listed among the best bands of Jharkhand, the band members of Atript are down to earth and polite. They organize their own band competition �Road to Rock� and also teach music at Kala Mandir. Use of percussions (instrument) in their music makes their band different from other rock bands.

�Percussion makes our band unique and reminds us of our roots, our folk music, moreover it helps us to connect rhythmically with the audience�, said Singiren, percussion player and the youngest member of the band.

There first album, �gospel yeshu mujhse karta pyar� was released in the 2013 was a hit among the youths of the state. �Kaalmantra�, a renowned band, is their idol. Atript�s next project is on the tribals of Jharkhand as they are working with the mission of promoting the states culture and tradition.

�These days we listen to trance, hardcore, rock and all sorts of music and sadly we forget our roots so Atript will try its best to promote our tribal culture through our music,� said Sumit Sagar Purty, one of the band members. There songs �kariya kariya, akhada mein gelo nazar and jaaneman ke fashion� was recognized nationally and appreciated by many musicans.

Atript is eager for playing different genres like new metal and alternative rock in folk songs of Jharkhand. They are looking forward to adopt this unique feature in their upcoming performances.

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