Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mother of three children elopes with lover in Manoharpur

Chaibasa: In Manoharpur area of West Singhbhum district, the mother of three children ran away with her lover. After the information, the Anandpur police took the woman into custody. The case is of Kumaradungi Block. On Tuesday, the married woman eloped with her lover. The family was very upset with the disappearance of the same married woman and the search of the woman was going on. In this sequence, the news of the lover couple hiding in the house of one of their family in Anandpur.

 Based on the information received, the Anandpur police took both into custody and questioned them. The woman said that her husband used to beat her with alcohol. Being fed up, she ran away with her boyfriend on Tuesday.

 Both love each other very much and have run away on their own free will. According to information from sources, the lover used to work as a driver in the woman’s house.

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