Monday, March 20, 2023

More than 100 children fall ill after consuming mid-day meal in Laxminagar


Jamshedpur : Some 100 children fell sick after consuming mid-day meal at a government middle school in Laxminagar, under Telco police station today.

As the children started feeling drowsiness and stomach pain they were rushed to MGM Medical College and Hospital in the afternoon. Sources informed that a total of 100 children were admitted out of which 25 were admitted for treatment and examination.

A total of 25 have been admitted to the hospital with complaints of food poisoning. The rest of the children were sent back after check-up.

DSE Indubhushan Singh rushed to the medical college hospital to see the ailing school children and has ordered for a probe into the episode. “It is not yet clear whether the children had fallen sick due to food poising in the mid-day meal. I have called for a probe into the incident,” said Singh.

In the afternoon the children present in the school at the time of the incident, were served Khichdi as part of the mid-day meal.

By the time a student saw a dead Lizard in the plate several children had already had their lunch. In the meantime, one of the girls who were having his launch started vomiting and within few minutes a large section of the students started complaining about stomach pain and were constantly vomiting.

However, the school staff, with the help of the local people arranged the transport for ferrying the children to the city for admitting them to MGMH.

The doctors attending the children at the MGM Medical College and Hospital said that students were fine after the treatment and that there was nothing to worry.

The DSE, Indra Bhushan Singh said that it had nothing to do with the quality of food at the Iskcon Food Relief Foundation and it was somebody’s mischief. He suspecting internal politics of the Self Help Group involved in the serving the mid-day meal as the cause behind the incident.

An official of the centralised kitchen of Iskcon Food Relief Foundation at Ramdas Bhatta said that he was sure that the incident has happened due to unmanned food.

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