Monday, December 4, 2023

Moon family wins general quiz at SDSM School

Jamshedpur, Dec. 11: General knowledge is one of the basic requirements for a student to cope up in this fast developing society.

Hence, S. D. S. M. School for Excellence organized an inter-family general quiz for Classes 6 to 12 on Friday at the school auditorium.

A three-member team including Aryan Kumar of VIII-C, Asit Kumar of IX-A and Adarsh Raj of X-B conducted the quiz under the guidance of Urvashi Thakur.

Several rounds were conducted (Multiple Choice, Visual and Clue rounds) related to general and current affairs. Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm and Moon family comprising Deepak Kushwaha and Aditya Kumar was declared the winner.

The Tree family comprising Jahanzeb Khan, Gaurav Moonka and Aman Kumar Singh was the runner-up. School vice-principal Ragini Singh encouraged the participants, winners and the entire quizzing team.

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