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Modi’s power-packed message in Longewala

By Lalit Garg

If we want to give great heights to our nation, then our foundation should be deep and a necessary factor for overall growth of nation. The deeper the foundation, the higher and stronger the nation becomes. Though the character of our nation associated with the superiority of nationality and security values is itself ideal but the practice of many good things together is difficult practice, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working effortlessly in this national practice.

They are empowering the country by moving ahead with resolutions of power, morale, and faith in this journey of nation-development. Like every year, on this year’s Diwali, he reached among the heroes who ensure the safety of our country. He celebrated his Deepawali in Jaisalmer with Army and Border Security Force personnel in Longewala. The Prime Minister warned the neighbouring countries of China and Pakistan and said that if India is tried, it will give a fierce reply, there will not be even a compromise on behalf of India. This speech is inspiring and highlighting the courage of the spirits, which has created panic in neighboring countries.

The Prime Minister’s powerful message is a warning, a lesson and a manifest form of self-preparation. In this belief, the powers of total creative and empowerment of the nation have been exposed. No ruler in the world crowned as big or small on the basis of his lavish lifestyle and resources; a ruler becomes great only by his character and morals. Modi’s greatness is tied to his character and his belief in that character is rooted, pledged to open up the paths of closed construction. Modi does not follow the crutches of others, does not thrive on the praise of others, and does not hold his feet on criticism. For their unique courage and sacred purposes, they are filled with high tricks. Taking a similar leap in Logewala, he has decimated the spirit of neighboring countries.

The Longewala post is strategically important to the Border Security Force. Prime Minister Narendra Modi rode on the tank in the Ran region, warning Pakistan and China that the strategy of India is clear, clear. Today’s India believes in the policy of understanding and explaining, but if we have to try, the answer will be equally fierce. We enter the house and kill the enemy. He attacked China for its expansionist thinking without naming it. In the words of the Prime Minister, the power of his morale has always been introduced, but the meaning of his presence in the battle field is deep, courageous and the wings of India’s growing power are flying.

India has reached perfection through continuous practice under Modi’s leadership. The unwavering faith in Modi’s mind towards his objectives in the journey of the nation is the biggest assurance of the country’s security. It is said that a man does not walk, his faith goes on. Confidence binds all the qualities in one place, that is, in the light of faith, Modi’s entire personality and curiosity is being exposed, which signifies a new India and a strong India.

Creating an India of new dreams, Modi considers the Army to be the basis of a strong India. The self-respect of the nation survives only on the strength of the army. On Deepawali or other festivals, army personnel are stationed at the front, away from family. The sacrifices and austerities that young people have showed in army, create a faith in the country. The Prime Minister celebrates Deepawali among the soldiers every year, this is a unique initiative, they consider Deepawali with soldiers on boarders can assured that 130 crore countrymen stand firmly with them. He is proud of the invincibility and courage of the soldiers.

 Certainly, the Prime Minister multiplies the morale and enthusiasm of the soldiers and intention to die for the nation becomes stronger. In these unique moments, the soldiers are filled with new energy and war or natural calamity, living on the snowy hills or in the desert in the scorching heat, a new excitement arises among the soldiers. Every Indian is proud to see the dreams of a strong India in the eyes of the soldiers and seeing the Indian armed forces developing into a magnificent institution of a rising democracy. Army is such an institution, which has immense faith, love and affection not only the government but the entire country.

India is changing, not in a hurry; this change is going on at a rapid pace. Change is also such that hope of betterment, military strength, development, and empowerment is expected. This wind of change can be felt, because this change is not hidden. In spite of the devastation of the Corona epidemic, the imprint of change has deepened to the momentum of the fast-growing economy and diplomatic relations globally, thanks to Modi’s charismatic personality, policies and transparent governance.

The result of Modi’s supernatural governance is that the army has become very strong. Every modern weapon has got like Rafael planes to the Army. India itself has now become capable of making missiles. The world is beginning to understand that India is not going to compromise even at the cost of its interests. After the Pulwama attack, India attacked Pakistan on a surgical strike, a terrorist camp in Balakot. After Doklam, India stands firmly in front of China in Ladakh.

It is only with the velour and strength of the army that India has been able to rise it’s voice in global forums. The Army has set a perfect example of indigenous spirit, and has decided not to bring more than a hundred weapons and equipment from abroad. The Prime Minister is a strong advocate of self-sufficiency in the matter of arms. The whole country knows that the army will give a befitting reply to those who attack the pride of the nation. The army has the ability to turn borders; the enemy is destined to destroy intentions.

The footsteps of soldiers are no less sacred than the sanctity of a temple. The Prime Minister has challenged Pakistan and China with renewed vigor throughout the nation. For strong, good and true governance, it is very important for him to have knowledge of the paths that lead him to his goal; only right knowledge can give right philosophy and right conduct.

The Army’s faith is India’s greatest strength. The mind of an army full of faith does not adapt itself to the situation but adapts them accordingly. Success is not possible in the absence of faith, because the soldier who surrenders before the battle is never victorious. If the mind is filled with doubt, fear, apprehension even before the work starts, it is extinguished. But it is our good fortune that Modi as a national hero and our soldiers as security heroes are embarking on the story of a changing India. Why should we consider ourselves less than anyone when the source of infinite powers is flowing within us, there is a strong leadership like Modi and there are soldiers in security at the borders? The need is just realization. Once confidently press the switch, the whole nation-life will be filled with light.
On Deepawali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again praised the fighters for their unique, courageous and lofty undertakings, calling them to be mighty. Do not panic and believe in yourself; only then will you be able to reach the destination if you learn to play with risks. Be courageous and move forward. ‘I cannot do this thing’, except this intelligence, learn to say that in my life the word ‘impossible’ is not written. Only then will the emergence of new India become the biggest power in the world.

(Lalit Garg is a Journalist, columnist, writer and member of Rajbhasa samiti, Ministry of Home Affairs. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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