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Mithila School students learn new aspects of science and technology

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Jamshedpur, July 9: A group of 61 students of Std. IX from Mithila High School ,Sonari accompanied by three teachers, Shrimant Dube, Paritosh Bose and Paradip Kumar Pradhan visited CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur and interacted with the scientists and research fellows this morning under the aegis of School- NML interactive programme (SNIP) supported by NASI, Jharkhand.

The students were thrilled to visit the laboratory and interact with the working scientists.

The programme was scheduled for three hours, which comprised of an overview of Indian Science and Technology, documentary film show on CSIR and NML separately, visit to the selective units of the laboratory to have an exposure of modern laboratory research environment.

Dr. N.G.Goswami, Chief Scientist and coordinator of the programme briefed about the programme and gave an overview of CSIR contribution in different branches of Science & Technology. He elaborated on the development of science & technology in Indian perspectives. Dr. P.N. Mishra, Sr. Scientist also briefed and discussed about the significance of natural resources for the development of nation.

The CSIR-NML�s research & development programmes facilities�, and contribution of the laboratory to society in particular and nation in general. He extends support during the interactive session at auditorium, and arrange for lab visit. The students expressed their feelings, asked numbers of question, and clarify doubt.

“I came to know about many new aspects of science and technology and contribution of CSIR which I barely knew earlier”, said Varsha Dhiwar , a student of Std. IX after the laboratory visit.

The students expressed their excitement and happiness over the laboratory visit as well as interaction with the scientists and research scholars. In fact, they were thrilled while visiting the labs and looking at the practical set ups.

Bablu Kumar Singh said, “I came to know about new things here like India�s first Super computer PARAM designed by CSIR in 1986, Swaraj Tractor used in farming based on CSIR technology, the importance of patent and its impact. It was a wonderful experience rejuvenating my thought process”.

Shalesh Kumar Singh, a student of Std. IX said, “The visit to the laboratory helped me to know in depth about different ores, minerals metals, rocks, and how they are extracted and used”.

The students were delighted to visit Asia� second largest �Creep Testing Laboratory� and know about Creep testing facilities, its contribution to different industries.

They know about the problem occur in metals especially when they are used as component and work in different condition like high temperature, vibrating condition, bearing impact ,sustained in heavy load condition etc .This was the nascent knowledge for the students.

Another Std. IX student, Ms Neha Kumari said, “We are thrilled to know about deep sea mining of Polymetallic Sea Nodule and extraction of Copper, Nickel, and Cobalt.

Rupali Manjhi, Puspa Kumari, Partik Kumar Mahto and Aditya Sharma expressed their view that they first time know about the contribution of CSIR in the area drug made through medicinal plant. They were delighted to know that CSIR scientist grow bamboo flower only in one week through tissue culture techniques.

During the interactive session at the auditorium, a number of students asked different questions on minerals, ores, origin of coal, the evolutionary history behind the formation of metals, etc.

Teachers and many students requested for their next visit to the lab for a deeper knowledge. The teachers expressed their view and were satisfied to know about the consistent effort and research emphasis in various sectors.

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