Sunday, December 3, 2023

MGM plans to offer free CT Scan and ultrasound facilities

Jamshedpur : MGM Medical College and Hospital will soon offer free CT Scan, ultrasound and X-Ray facility to the patients.

Superintendent, MGM Medical College and Hospital, RY Chowdhury informed that a decision to this effect has been made at a meeting of officials in the department of health at Ranchi recently.

He went on to add that though the hospital charges very nominal charge for the CT Scan, X-Ray and Ultrasound, however, majority of the patients who undergo treatment find it difficult to pay for it.

At times, the patients are compelled to get deprived of the treatment due to their bad financial condition.

The health department has decided to offer the facility free of cost.

At the MGM Medical College and Hospital, one has to pay Rs 800 for a CT Scan, Rs 150 for ultra- sound and Rs 50 for X- Ray.

The average market price for a CT Scan, ultrasound and X-Ray is Rs 3,000, Rs 700 and Rs 200 respectively.

The MGMCH is a government hospital with the facility of 540 beds. Everyday around 1000 patients come here for treatment.

In less than a month, parts of ceiling and windows have collapsed four times in the government hospital.

Due to lack of repair work and attention of the authorities concerned, the condition of the hospital has deteriorated to a great extent.

“We are keen to develop the hospital. The fund will be used for the renovation of the MGM Medical College
and Hospital,” said an official.

The superintendent of the hospital had written to all senior authorities and ministers regarding the need for repair of the hospital buildings and sent them reminders several times.

But unfortunately no heed has been paid to the demands made by him. “The hospital building is in poor condition, which needs immediate repair.

Moreover the facilities at operation theatre and C T Scan need to be upgraded. The facilities for doctors
and attendants also need to be addressed,” said a senior official.

“We are pinning hopes on the new Government and are hopeful that the Government will pay heed to the problems faced by the hospital,” he further noted.

It may be mentioned that State Government governed Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College and
Hospital, is an Indian medical school established in 1964.

It is situated in the outskirts of Jamshedpur near Dimna. The students are admitted through an All India
pre medical test CBSE PMT held by CBSE and Jharkhand and Bihar states’ combined entrance tests.

The college’s hospital is located in Sakchi. Currently there is post graduate education in non clinical and paraclinical subjects.


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