Thursday, May 26, 2022

MGM junior doctors go on indefinite strike against salary anomalies

Jamshedpur, June 2: Junior doctors at MGM medical college and hospital on Monday launched an indefinite strike against salary related anomalies.

The emergency service was, however, kept strike free.

Dr. Sameer, one of the protesting doctor said the work of junior doctors at MGM and RIMS is same, but the doctors at the Ranchi-based hospital get Rs 61,000 as honorarium, while the doctors at MGM get just Rs 31,000. ďState government is adopting a dual policy with the doctors working in the same post in the same state,Ē added Dr. Sameer.

Another junior doctor said that till the state government does not take a firm step against the issue, they will continue the strike. He informed that salary increment of junior doctors at MGM hospital has not been done since 2010, but the doctors at RIMS they have been benefited with three increments.

A junior doctor added, ďWe had hope that we would get the increased salary from this financial year but the April month honorarium is the same we are getting. The strike led to several issues and the visiting patients were the worst sufferers.Ē †††

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