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With mercury touching 43.8�C, city witnesses hottest day of the season


Jamshedpur, April 11: The mercury touched a record of the season with 43.8�C (five degrees more than normal) in Jamshedpur on Monday. Heat wave condition is likely to continue in the Chhotanagpur plateau region amid severe hot conditions prevailing in the nearby suburbs.

The heat wave alert, which was sounded on Friday, has been extended across the state for another 48- hours even as several places recorded the hottest day today.

Weathermen said the alert was to stay on as the maximum temperature at several areas has crossed five degrees above normal. �The month of April is the hottest period as far in the city. The maximum temperature will continue to rise due to the westerly winds dominating the state.

We find no signs of rain in the chart analysis. People have to wait for the rain. We have extended the heat wave alert as the maximum temperature in several places is rising,� said A.K. Sen, joint director, Patna Meteorological Office.

He explained that in the absence of rain, the mercury was witnessing a steeper rise. �Strong westerly winds are dominating over the state and it is preventing the easterly winds to takeover. We are expecting a change in the wind pattern only after the next 48-hours,” said the senior Met official.

In 2009, Jamshedpur registered the highest temperature of 44.2�C on June 23. Notably, Jamshedpur has a record of maximum temperature in June 1942. Data revealed that on June 11, 1942, the steel city recorded the ever highest maximum reading of 47.2�C.

Meanwhile, power cuts for long stretches are only adding to the woes of the residents who have to do with an acute shortage of drinking water as rivers, ponds and wells have gone dry.

Although, Jamshedpur has been experiencing hot summer for last several years but this time the denizens are realizing the heat in the month of April only.

The city has been sweltering for the past few days with temperatures above 42�C and wearing a deserted look. Frequent power cuts have added to the woes of residents. Passengers and commuters have been worst hit with hot winds blowing during the day.

According to meteorological officials, the lack of thunderstorm activity that precedes the monsoon showers could be the reason that temperatures are five to six degrees above the norm.

People are eagerly awaiting the onset of the monsoon season.

Sources informed that there will be no respite from the sizzling condition at least in the next 48 hours.

The meteorological department has also warned of a heat wave condition in various parts of the state
as there is no possibility of rainfall in the next three days.

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