Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mercury shoots up at 44.5, dry spell likely to continue

Jamshedpur: The unusually hot conditions prevailing in the city are likely to continue for next few days. The local met office has said that there are no signs of rain in the Chotanagpur plateau area and the people would have to wait for another 48 hours.

However they admitted that a cyclonic circulation is hovering over Bihar and the adjoining areas of Jharkhand, which may result in rainfall in a day or two. The maximum temperature today stood at 44.5 degree Celsius.

Officials at the Patna Met office, which monitors the weather condition in Jharkhand said that the dry spell is likely to be continued. The wait for rains has been extended. The officials added that Chhotanagpur plateau regions were devoid of North-westerly winds this year.

The North-westerly winds usually originate from Chhotanagpur plateau and brings rain. However, this year so far the region has been deprived of such resulting in steady rise in the maximum temperature.

�We are not used to living under such heat conditions. It is perhaps for the first time that we witnessed a harsh June this season. There was a time when the mercury crossed 35 or 36, but the weather was cooled with rain showers in evening. The trends have changed. We have no choice but to reel under soaring mercury,� Ramesh Shankran, a bank employee.

Weathermen said that Jharkhand�s date with the southwest monsoon would be delayed by 10 days or so, which means the rains will arrive around June 20 this year .

Analysts at Patna Meteorological Centre said satellite pictures suggested that the monsoon current, which has already entered the Andaman sea and southeast Bay of Bengal, was yet to hit the Kerala coast. In 2013, the rain god showered his bounty on Jharkhand from June 16. Earlier this year, weather officials in Patna had predicted that the rains would hit the state around June 15.

He went on to add that the present weather pattern will prevail for two more days and the city is likely to experience day temperature peaking beyond 43 degree Celsius.

Meanwhile coconut vendors and juice shops made brisk business as weary motorists stopped by to have a respite from the scorching sun.

�The present weather condition is getting beyond imagination. Travelling on the roads is now tiring due to the unrelenting heat.

I am planning to allow my children to play only indoor games this summer,� said Tulsi Sengupta, a resident of Kadma.

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